Professionals @ Hannover

The city of Hannover is home to a variety of industries. Also the city of Hannover is in close proximity to the industry city of Wolfsburg which also acts as the headquarters of Volkswagen. This opens the doors to a variety of professionals.

The Government of Germany has recently announced the introduction of EU Blue Card to working professionals.

European Master of Science in Midwifery:


For details about blue card in English visit the website :

Click here for a pdf on Immigration law for students and professionals.

Click here for pdf on Returning Experts Programme (APA Arbeitsplatzausstattung/ Workplace equipment).

Click here for a pdf pocket book on European social statistics.

Research lab at the Hasso Plattner Institute opens doors to scientists from around the world:– Getting a German work permit. – About EU blue card Germany.


Migration Details

List of FAQs regarding to EU Blue Card

Click here for a pdf on Intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals.