Activities and Events at IASH

IASH always gives equal importance to cultural and Informative events.During the last three years IASH has distinguished itself through its various activities in pursuit of its mission. IASH became more dynamic by introducing various innovative activities like Icafe (a common platform to discuss the current burning topics of India & World), Mother & Child group, Ladies club etc..

IASH celebrates important Indian festivals by gathering all the local Indians in order to strengthen the social bonds and also to create an environment for the preservation and growth of Indian culture. IASH recognizes and celebrates the achievements of Indians & Germans for their contribution in developing the Indo-German relationship in various fields through its Award for Excellence once a year.

IASH invites eminent artists on various occasions so that the Indian people as well as the local connoisseurs can savor the brilliance of Indian Culture and Arts. IASH conducts various competitions for youngsters in order to extract their hidden talents and showcases them during some important events. IASH also supports incoming and residing Indian diaspora and also helps them for better understanding & integration into work/life culture of Germany.

Information about the events are publlished in IASH-website and Facebook page and members are informed by emails.

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Disclaimer: In case of a discrepancy between the English and German versions of the charter, the German version would be considered valid.