Toys Exhibition

26th March & 16th April 2021


Toys Exhibition


26th March & 16th April 2021


International School of Hannover (ISHR)


170 Kids (40 nationalities mainly from Germany, Britain, USA & Japan)

As a part of India@75 Celebrations, IASH kids have presented the Indian Toys at International School of Hannover (ISHR) in accordance with the Indian Government’s initiative to promote Indian Toys. 

The first event on 26th March was a presentation by Ms. Saee Jadhav in her class of 12 Kids. The Presentation is also shared with the Consulate General of Hamburg, India. A recorded video about Indian Toys by Saee and Abhinay was presented in the School Assembly to around 150 students of ISHR from class 1 – 5 on 16th April. The kids were surprised by the variety of the toys representing different cultures and lifestyles in India and were excited to know about them. They were particularly impressed with the eco friendly and sustainable toy options available. The video was also presented at the Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations on 18th April 2021.

IASH thanks the Consulate General of India, Hamburg for the continuous motivation and support.