South Asian Evening

at the

International Office,

Leibniz Universität Hannover

11th January 2018


The International Office of the Leibniz Universität Hannover organised a South Asian evening. The Indian students took the opportunity to present India and its culture to the other International Students. Indian food, clothing and dance were also represented to give a small but complete picture about diversity of India.


Amandeep Singh, Munnazzar Ahmed, Kunal Kushwaha, Yogesh Chodvadiya, Hardik Dava, Ankur Saini, Sri Harsha, Shivali Sugand, Juhi Kumari, Kavi Mukilan Kamaraj, Prince Joshina, Palak, Priya Singh, Dhanya Ramachandran


Erasmus Students Network (ESN) organized an event themed on  South Asian countries on 11 January 2018 called South Asian Evening at the International Office, Leibniz University where students from Nepal and India participated and showcased their respective culture through different modes. The event was witnessed by students from different European as well as other countries who are studying in Hannover or are on exchange semester from other countries. Indian students in association with Indian Association of students in Hanover(IASH) also showcased the Indian culture in four different parts by four different teams I.e North, South, East and West. Different activities were organized by all four teams from India like portraying different forms of dance, wildlife animals, historical monuments and also showcased some famous musical Instruments at the display. One photo booth was also set up where the options was provided to anyone to dress up in Indian attire and to get clicked at the spot. Food was also one of the main attraction by all four teams from all four  parts in India. Participants enjoyed the food the most and empty utensils was the biggest evidence for that. Last but not the least some Bollywood music was also one of the attraction as all all almost everyone was seen dancing to the tunes. Some volunteers also taught few steps to the participants which made them also to participate equally with volunteers. In the end the event was all success and acknowledgment from ESN was enough proof to understand that.