Intercultural Summer Fest

@ Hannover

The Indian Association Hannover (IASH) in cooperation with the Consulate General of India, Hamburg participated in the IIK-Summer Fest, where associations representing 16 different countries took part. Around 500 participants (Indians & Non-Indians) attended this event.

The festival started with ‘Mohiniyattam’, an Indian dance form from Kerala by Ms. Anjana. The performance enthralled the audience and was a perfect start to the event, followed by a Welcome speech by Ms. Lipi, a short film on Anti-racism and Music Performances.

IASH presented a Toy exhibition where toys from all over India were exhibited. Both the kids and adults were equally interested in the ‘Toys of India’. The participants also had an opportunity to play with the toys and small gifts were given to the kids who could complete ‘Buddhigaal’, ‘Cup & Ball’. While the youngsters liked the wooden puzzles, surprisingly both Adults & kids were equally interested in the Manipuri Dance doll, Women stacking doll, Slingshot, Cup & Ball, Kitchen set & wooden rattles. Most of the participants showed interest in buying the toys as the toys were wooden, handmade, and painted with bio colors.

IASH also displayed the information related to ‘Tourism of India’. The Incredible India banner was placed at the IASH stall & Info booklets were distributed to the attendees. The Vice-President of IASH, Mr. Arjun Roy also gave a short interview to the Radio group covering the event by informing about the events of the Association, the tourism in India and ending the interview by quoting ‘We welcome everyone to Incredible India’.

Lastly, as any Indian festival is not complete without food, IASH also had a Mehandi stall & Food stall where people could get a chance to taste the Indian finger food. The event is loved and enjoyed by all, each one of the attendees took back a part of Indian Culture in different forms with them be it the Dance, Mehandi, Toys, Tourism Info booklet, or the Finger-food.

We thank the Consulate General of India, Hamburg for the continuous support and encouragement.