Greetings. Hope you are well.


It has come to our attention that once again Indian diaspora is receiving fraud Calls in Germany leading to consequences which are extremely bad and sensitive. 
We have received the following message from one of the Indian Diaspora Member and we would like to request you all to please be extremely careful before giving away any information or doing any transactions with any one.


I am XXXXXX, Studying XXXXXX at XXXXXX. Recently I faced a fraud call incident. I would like to report this. The whole description regarding the fraud call is described below:
I booked a ticket to India 13/05/2019, In the afternoon. On the same day, in the evening I received a call from Number +639357900969 stating that they need a video call verification for booking/confirming a ticket to India as the phto on my passport  is blur & after confirmation ticket will be generated and will be mailed to me. The lady spoke to me in German Initially and afterward started speaking in English. After 5 Minutes of Video call, She told me that the verification is done and you will receive a ticket in a short time. I got a ticket confirmation from the airline after half an hour which I confirmed on the airline official website also. But on 15/05/2019, I received one video on facebook messenger from a person named “XXXX”, the video was quite morphed and edited. The content used in Video was the same that was used in while the video call confirmation but it was morphed and edited. In that video “It was shown that I am doing some indecent & amorous things” Which was quite shocking for me Because I never did that thing. Further going that person was demanding me money not to publish that video publicly or gave me a threat that If I didn’t give the money he/She will publish that on public site. After that, I blocked that person and reported to Facebook as well regarding this incident. Following this, the account from which I got threat was fake and no more exits on facebook.
I would like to report and request you to throw light on this incident
so that in the future this kind of incident never happens with anyone.
We are in touch with the Embassy of India for further investigation and request you all to be extremely careful about such situations.