28th March 2021




28th March 2021 


Online (zoom event)


40+ IASH members (around 20 Zoom account Logins) 

The Indian Association Hannover (IASH) conducted an online event to celebrate Holi on the 28th of March 2021. Around 40+ participants attended this event. Apart from IASH members, Mr. Stephan Kaps from the Volkshochschule Hannover and Mrs. Aruna Ghosh from the Consulate General of India attended the event.

The Holi 2021 event was an informal event mainly comprised of some fun games for the participants. Powdered Holi colors were distributed prior to the event to the registered participants at multiple locations following the Corona norms. Though the celebrations were planned from 14:00 to 16:00 hrs, it went on till 16:30 hrs due to the active participation of the members. 

The event started with Antakshari where different songs were sung in various languages, and the participants also applied Holi colors. Some participants sang Holi songs fitting to the occasion which was appreciated by the others. The popular game of Housie was played digitally following the Antakshari. The Housie was Holi themed and Prizes were given to the winners. Dumb Charades was played after the Housie game. Participants were given movie names which they individually enacted, and the other participants guessed the movies. Bollywood, Hollywood, German as well as some regional Indian movies were included. Following this, a new online game “Codenames” was introduced by Mr. Kaps to all the participants. 

Towards the end of the event, the significance of the festival Holi was explained to the children attending the event and the Kids also explained how they celebrated Holi before and shared their experiences. The event was overall well appreciated by the participants.

IASH thanks the Consulate General of India, Hamburg who supported us through the event.