150th Birth Anniversary


Kasturba Gandhi

“Gandhiji wird 150… er hatte auch eine Frau” (Gandhiji will be 150…. he also had a wife)

The year 2019 marks the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Nonetheless it also marks the 150th birth anniversary of his wife, Kasturba Gandhi who was his pillar of support and who did all that was possible to be his side till her last. Many a times contribution of women is not duly recognised..

IASH will be of course celebrating Bapuji’s 150th birth anniversary on 2nd October 2019, but we also did remember Kasturba for her 150th birth anniversary on 11th April 2019.


IASH with support of Mr Abayomi Bankole, ADV Nord and Ms Erica Winger, the club leader of the AWO Seniorenzentrum Ihmeufer, Ottenstraße 10, 30451 Hannover could present a small event to the residents of the Senior citizen Home about Kasturba. Prof Huchzermeyer, Leibniz University Hannover presented a short information round on what and how Kasturba contributed to the society with a realistic comparison of her lifestyle with women in that age in the other parts of the world. Kasturba’s favourite Bhajan, Vaishnava Jan to was also played to remember her. Ms. Rupali Ashok Modak presented a beautiful traditional Kathak performance on a Tarana to close the event.

Iash would heartily like to thank AWO Seniorenzentrum Ihmeufer, Ms Erica Winger, Mr Abayomi Bankole, Prof Huchzermeyer and Ms Rupali Modak for their support to make this event possible.