Accommodation for Indians in Hannover

About the program:

This is a platform, which would help the new Students in Hannover acquire a temporary place to stay as soon as they arrive in Hannover. The idea is about an exchange of hospitality. You would volunteer to accommodate students who will arrive in Hannover and are without an immediate place to crash. The duration can be anywhere between 1 – 10 days depending on your convenience.

Participation Agreement:

Kindly read the following terms and conditions carefully before participating in the Program:

• You may charge a fee of 5€ (as optional contribution) per day for the house. You are yourself responsible to collect the payment from the person. IASH will not be able to follow up for pending payments.
• You will be rewarded with a certificate by IASH for participating in the program.If you need a certificate, please contact IASH. Only those who contact IASH will be issued a certificate.
• Once decided, it is a commitment between the host and the guest. IASH cannot guarantee a replacement in case of any cancellations thereafter. This has to be communicated between the concerned parties.
• Do not interfere in the privacy or personal belongings of the guest.
• Please feel free to split the day to day living expenses with the person you are hosting (Guest).
• Students living in a WG are obliged to inform the other members of the WG about a visitor staying with you and using the common utilities like the kitchen, bathrooms etc.
• It is very important that you communicate well to the Guest how he can and can’t use your space.
• You are not expected to give a spare key to the guests, and therefore inform the guests about your time schedule. IASH will not be responsible for any kind of loss of material or physical damage to the accommodation and its amenities.
• In case of any dispute, you are expected to sort it out among yourselves.
• We would appreciate it if you share your experience and knowledge with the new students and make it a pleasant stay for them so that they feel welcome in Hannover.


Terms and condition


Personal Information

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HOST (I live in Hannover and would like to offer my place to stay)GUEST (I am moving to Hannover and am looking for a place to stay)


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Duration, in which you can accommodate someone from



Accommodation Type

Student hostel (with official temporary contract as a sublease )WGRented Apartment (Whole Apartment without Sharing)Others


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To(As depending on, ending date may be flexible after discussing with host. . )


Data Protection Disclaimer

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